GeoApps Plus Ltd is the commercial arm of the National Space Research & Development Agency (NASRDA). The company was created for the purpose of promoting the applications of space technology for sustainable development of Nigeria and Africa. Specifically we focus our attention on bringing the benefits of Nigeria's investment in Space programmes, first to Nigeria and Nigerians, and Africa at large.

GeoAppsPlus Ltd, is the exclusive commercial distributor and NASRDA representative for satellite imageries from all NASRDA satellites, as well as for other value-added geo-spatial data, Consultancy and Training services for the Africa markets. The company serves as NASRDA's commercial one-stop for all products, data,services and space technology in general.

NASRDA, our parent Agency launched NigeriaSAT-2, a high resolution Earth Observation satellite into orbit on 17th August, 2011. The satellite carries 2.5 meters panchromatic, 5 meters and 32 meters, both multi-spectral imaging (NIR,RED,GREEN BLUE) bands. Simultaneously, NASRDA launched NigeriaSAT-X satellite, with 22 meters multi-spectral (NIR,RED,GREEN BLUE) bands imaging camera on board. NigeriaSAT-X was built by Nigerian Engineers and Scientists as part of their training, with supervision from our technology partner, UK Surrey Technologies,

GeoAppsPlus Ltd,is quite excited to be the exclusive commercial distributor of imageries and products from the new satellites for the Africa markets. The launch of SAT-2/X will increase our capacity and opportunities to offer high resolution imageries, readily at very competitive prices. Consumers of geo-spatial and services in Nigeria and Africa, will now have easier access to high resolution imageries.

As your local company, we are here to serve you, our clients and partners with utmost sense of responsibility, highest level of integrity and respect. We are looking forward to meeting with you soonest.

Tributes to NigeriaSat-1 for a successful space exploration. Great Sat-1! Great NASRDA!! Great Nigeria !!!

NigeriaSat-2 and NigeriaSat-X are handed over to NASRDA

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