Frequently Ask Questions.

Ques 1: What type of data can GeoAppsPlus supply?

Ans 1: GeoApps Plus distributes optical satellite imageries from NASRDA's 3 EO satellites -with 2.5m pachronmatic, 5m, 22m and 32m multi-spectral bands. You can request imageries from our archive and/or (a) new campaign(s) of your area of interest(AOI) anywhere in the world

As a service we also assist clients to acquire imageries of various resolutions and data type such as radar imageries from our technical partners.

Ques 2: How do I request for imageries through GeoAppsPlus?

Ans 2: You can download and fill our on-line Request Form. We can also be reached via phone or even better still, you can visit our office for face-to-face meeting with technical officers. See our contact page.

Ques 3: How soon can my request order for imageries be fulfilled?

Ans 3: For archived imageries, and depending on the level of image processing level of your request, orders can be filled within 3 working days.

Requests needing new campaign may be affected by several factors, such as Campaign Window Opportunity (CWO), Season of the year, cloudness over the AOI, volume of data, etc. New campaigns are handled on highly individualized bases. We are always available to discuss the options available to clients and customers.

Ques 4: How does GeoApps Plus distribute data?

Ans 4: Typically customers are given a special ftp account from which data can be downloaded, once the order is fulfilled. Clents will have between 5 to 7 days to download their data. Alternatively data can be burned onto DVDs and either be shipped directly to the clients or can be picked up at our office. Depending on the volume of data, clients may be charged for shipping, insurance and delivery services if DVDs have to be shipped via express package delivery services.

Ques 5: What are the typical applications of NigerSat satellite imageries?

Ans 5: There are varieties of applications that the resolutions of NigeriaSat satellites imageries are well suited for. The 22m and 32m imageries are being used for various applications in agriculture, forestry, mining, etc.


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